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PDX Pools is an Oregon based pool renovation specialist who can reimagine your pool and transform it into a beautiful and refreshing outdoor oasis.  Your swimming pool is a costly investment, and if you aren’t happy with its appearance PDX Pools can provide a high quality remodel to give you the pool you have always dreamed of. Turn your drab, bland swimming pool into a relaxing and breathtaking oasis.


All swimming pool plaster can lose its luster and wear down over time and use, no longer resembling the vivid look or bold tones of colors reflected by the water when the pool was originally constructed. PDX Pools offers an incredible selection of plaster renovation choices in varying aggregates and colors to completely revitalize your pool, providing a cost-effective option to bringing your swimming pool back to what it once was visually and functionally.


Pool tile at the waterline provides both protection and a decorative element to the overall aesthetic of your swimming pool. Over the course of time and use, it is natural for your pool’s tile to begin showing signs of aging, usually visible with water stains and fading, as well as, cracking and breaking off the pool shell. You may also prefer to change the pool tile based on personal preference, especially if you have purchased a home with an existing pool and want to update the look.


Have you recently moved into a house with a pool? Are you looking to modify your pool to meet your family’s enjoyment needs? PDX Pools specializes in pool structural modifications ranging from making your pool shallower, adding a Baja shelf (sun shelf), adding a bench, modifying your pool entrance (steps), and custom work. PDX Pools can make your modifications and direct the pools design to best fit your lifestyle, family needs, or outdoor oasis vision.

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What does the typical pool plastering process looks like? While every project is as unique just as our clients and their pools, there are some common aspects to every pool plastering project PDX Pools completes. Below is a short rundown of the plastering process followed by our trained and experienced plastering team while working with pool owners.

How Long Does Pool Plastering Take?

The most commonly asked question is “How long will it take you to plaster my pool?”
A: The answer depends on how big your pool is and how much work must be completed. If your pool has suffered extensive plastering damage or other cosmetic issues, the process may take longer to complete. However, many pool plastering jobs can be completed within a 1-2 weeks. Our team will walk you through what to expect in the initial stages of consultation when it comes to a pool plastering process outline below.

Pool Plastering Process

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